Introduction to SSSP 5.0

SSSP5.0 is supported by new Tizen3.0 platform. SSSP5.0 is more secure. It provided protection by three layers of security – System, Platform & app layer. The secure web APIs can be used to develop solutions in different areas like payment, management place etc.




The new 2017 Tizen SSSP 5.0 platform ensures stronger, faster and more stable performance than its previous models. Beyond hardware performance enhancement, it enables partners to develop and deploy advanced web applications which can help to effectively manage contents for their customers.


Operating Principle


Tizen Model (.wgt downloaded)

Tizen SSSP 5.0 supports the package based application model. When URL is set, LFD will send initial request for downloading WGT file. WGT package includes everything – HTML files, associated Java-script  & image resources. The application version is defined by the config.xml file. SDK makes a package and bundle it as a .wgt file. In case WGT file need to communicate with server for data, Ajax calls are supported for information exchange.


Tizen WGT-based model




Strong SDK & simulator

Tizen application can be developed in Tizen SDK only. SDK sign the application with certain certificates which SSSP verifies before launching the application. Using the SDK, the developer can add the privileges for using APIs. The application needs config.xml for controlling application versioning.


Remote web inspector

Web inspector helps in application debugging to identify the potential issues in the app. To use the Remote Web Inspector, you need PC and SSSP connected in same network. The network should be of same domain in PC and in SSSP. Tizen Studio setup in your PC connected with SSSP & Web Browser (chrome, safari) on your PC. We will cover this topic in details in separate section.


High resolution graphics 1920×1080

Tizen provides the superior graphics resolution of 1920×1080 as default resolution. Developer can configure for lower resolution. Resolution can be controlled by viewport. e.g.  <meta name=”viewport” content=”width=960”>



Difference between SSSP3, SSSP4 & SSSP5

Classification SSSP3 SSSP4 SSSP5 Remarks
General Launcher H.Browser O X X Web Browser support in Tizen 2.4
New Launcher O O O
Widget Resolution Landscape 960×540, 1280×720, 1920×1080 N/A N/A SSSP4 : Default 1920×1080
Portrait 1080×1920 N/A N/A SSSP4 : Portrait mode is not related to resolution(Set in config.xml)
Remote Network Setting O O O  
Remote F/W Update O O O  
Proxy O O O
Screen Capture O O O
Remote change URL O O O  
Interrupted Downloading O O O  
PNaCl O O  
RWI(Remote Web Inspector) X O O
Caph 3.1 X O O
Input USB Keyboard Landscape O O O
Portrait O O O  
USB Mouse Landscape O O O
Portrait O O O  
Touch – Press/Release/Move Only Landscape O O O
Portrait O O O
Touch – New Gesture Landscape O O SSSP4 : support in Caph 3.1 library
Portrait O O
IME Landscape O O O
Portrait O O O  
Contents The number of Video playing simultaneously Landscape FHD 2 EA FHD 2 EA FHD 3 EA * AVPlay API is not support 3 video in simutaneously
SSSP4 : In case of HTML5 Video, Support 3 Video paying at same time.
(Resolution under 540P)
SSSP5 :  In case of HTML5 Video, Support 3 Video paying at same time.
(Resolution support 1080p)
Portrait FHD 2 EA FHD 2 EA FHD 3 EA
Seamless Play – Video to Video Landscape O O O Seamless play is not supported in videotag
Portrait O O O
Source Landscape O O O
Portrait O O O
Video + Source Landscape O O O  
Portrait O O
Sync Play – One Video Only Landscape O O O SSSP4 : Video + image -> not support Videowall
Portrait O O O
Streaming Landscape O O O SSSP4 : Support protocol – Http, HLS, RTP
Portrait O O O
Pdf, Ppt, Doc Viewer Landscape O O O
Portrait O O O
html5 html5test.com score 349 437 490
Google Aquarium Benchmark 11 fps 36 fps 42 fps

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